Saturday, 6 November 2010

80. Al-Tawwab – Rhythm

Suggests return, repent, attune, good – 'To create
a little flower is the labour of ages' William Blake

I smack
the same ball
at the same wall.

My version
of what’s in front
is a blinkered person
marching, drunk.

I’m a disgrace:
today I caught
a grayling fish,
lost my rainbow trout.

Apart from this,
I do exist;
a little bliss.

Somewhat like an old sunflower

I conned a bee the livelong day
and dark the night and tossed was i,

tossed and bowed in empty heart,
battered by windstorm head to root;

humbled by the night, i become
a face-turn now towards the sun.


  1. God's face in us is like a sunflower. It grows and sprouts in its own time...shining... warmly in us as His presence gives us promises of future overwatching and protection from him for our souls